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The CERIS Working Papers Series report on current immigration research and its implications for policy and practice. Usually 15-30 pages in length, this publication series disseminates results to a wide range of audience including researchers, policy makers and community partners.


No. Title Author(s) Date
No.100 Delineating Ethnoburbs in Metropolitan Toronto S. Wang; J. Zhong April 2013
No. 99 Temporariness in Canada: Establishing a research agenda A. Hari, S. McGrath & V. Preston March 2013
No. 98 An overview of discourses of skilled immigrants and
“Canadian experience”: An English-language print media analysis
I. Sakamoto, D. Jeyapal, R. Bhuyan, J. Ku, L. Fang, H. Zhang & F. Genovese March 2013
No. 97 Visible Minority Electability in Urban Local Government in Ontario Matt Smith and Alan Walks February 2013
No. 96 Unprotected and Unrecognized: The Ontological Insecurity of Migrants Who Are Denied Protection from Domestic Violence in Their Home Countries and as Refugee Claimants in Canada Rupaleem Bhuyan, Bethany Osborne & Janet Cruz February 2013
No. 95 The Diverse City: Can you read all about it in ethnic newpapers? April Lindgren January 2013
No. 94 The Role of Testing in Professional Certification for Newly Arrived Foreign-Trained Professionals to Canada Liying Cheng, Melisa Spaling, and Xiaomei Song January 2013

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